Excellent marketing and advertising strategies are great ways to minimize the period that a rental property is vacant. They also help to draw in the best tenants and maximize your return on investment.

The key to owning rental properties is successfully marketing them, regardless of whether you’re going to rent out a house for the first time or have been managing rental properties for years. But this is a skill that some, new landlords may need practice in. To help you in this regard we at Keyrenter South Florida have put together the following article:

Use Social Media

In contrast to the other methods of marketing, using social media to market your homes may not be free, but it is quite successful. You can utilize these services to increase exposure because many social media networks have paid advertising options that assist in spreading awareness of posts or accounts.

Social media advertising allows you to tailor those who view your advertisement while they surf through social media. Provided you specify a budget and know the target demographic for your ads.

Invest in Quality Photography

When looking for a rental property, the first thing a prospective will look at is its images. High-quality images may make your rental home stand out and your online listings sparkle.


Since technology has advanced so much, most cell phones now have good cameras and editing software. But for optimum results, photograph your home when it is vacant and tidy when the natural lighting is good and your curb appeal is great.

Then use careful editing to avoid creating an unfavorable impression of the interior.

Set the Right Price

You should consider comparable properties when determining the price of your rental property. If you overprice it, it might stay on the market too long. But if you price it too cheaply, you may forfeit profit.

A number of variables, such as the season and shifts in local supply and demand, can influence market rates. So, if you’re unsure about where to set your rent you can choose to hire a property management company. They know the rent price that will optimize your profit and promptly fill your vacancy.

Install Signs

Placing for rent signs might attract local traffic better than anything else. So, if you want to ensure your property is rented out fast, put a placard in the front window or even on the front lawn.

Whether or not they are really seeking a place for themselves, someone may recommend you to someone simply because they passed by your sign.


The purpose of signs will always be the same: to inform passersby that there are rentals nearby. You are more likely to locate tenants who fit your properties if more individuals are aware that there are openings in locations, they are interested in.

Write a Detailed Property Listing

Write thorough descriptions of your rental’s amenities that will draw applicants in and help them visualize it in their minds. Provide as many straightforward answers as you can, covering topics like pet policies, rent and deposit amounts, recent renovations, and other typical queries.

Try not to exaggerate the situation when you compose your description. While highlighting desirable qualities, be honest about the shortcomings of your home. You don’t want tenants who your description has misled, but rather the correct tenants coming through your door.

Hold Open House Events

Hold open house events frequently to encourage potential tenants to visit the property and tour a model unit. Put fresh, modern furniture and accessories in the flat. Use carpets and mirrors to bring potential tenants’ attention to each room in the model. Highlight features and keeps the house spotless at all times.


At your open house events, distribute flyers along with refreshments, and collect names and contact details so you may follow up later. Before potential customers see your property, clean and paint unoccupied flats for them to view, and have leases available to hand out to potential tenants before they depart.

Hire A Property Management Company

Marketing a rental property can be a challenge for even the most seasoned landlord. But marketing is critical to the success of your rental property, so if you don’t have the skill or time to work on it, then you should hire a property management company.

Most property management companies are marketing experts. But they can also assist with a variety of other tasks, tasks such as tenant screening, maintenance, repair, tax, and legal advice.

Bottom Line

High-quality content, whether photos, words, or videos, is the foundation of every effective rental property advertisement. You should advertise your property using a variety of social media platforms, rental listing websites, and neighborhood bulletin boards to gain great tenants quickly.

So, whether it’s a single-family house or a condo, Keyrenter South Florida Care has the knowledge to market your property if you want to ensure that it is advertised properly and efficiently. We are dedicated to matching your property with the right tenant by using the right property management tools for marketing.