South Florida Property Management

What We Do 

Are the responsibilities of managing your South Florida property putting a strain on your time? Then let Keyrenter South Florida take care of these responsibilities managing your investment property.

At Keyrenter South Florida, we work hard to remove as much risk as possible to your investment. With over 500 homes under our management, we have the experience and knowledge to make your investment grow.

Why Choose Us

At Keyrenter South Florida, we are proud to be among the property management industry leaders, in South Florida. We focus on customer service, client satisfaction, innovation, quality, and personal services that get results. So that you and your investments can thrive!

By partnering with Keyrenter South Florida, you gain access to a team whose foundation is built on integrity, honesty, and accountability. We genuinely care for our clients and the community they represent, which we hope to reflect service.

South Florida Property Management

An Effective Tenant Screening Process

Through our carefully curated screening process, our clients can secure only the best tenants for their properties.

Our process has been meticulously tested and proven. Some of these steps include checking the tenants’ credit and employment history, verifying income, searching tenant history databases, contacting any past landlords and running background checks. 

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Response

When you partner with us, our aim is that that you feel more relaxed with a much healthier bottom line. Which is why we provide all our clients with a 24/7 emergency line, so we can resolve any problem, at any time, quickly.

Also, through our easy-to-use online portal, tenants can make maintenance requests in real-time. Then, we can diagnose the issue and send one of our trained technicians to the property right away.

Less Than A 5% Vacancy Rate 

Working with us gets you access to property management industry experts versed in innovative processes and focused on quality services you’ll love. With our full-service property management, we find and retain qualified tenants who care for the space as their own.

Our Apartment Management Services 

At Keyrenter, we provide a higher level of service so you can get a higher level of results. Above all, we care about the quality and satisfaction of our tenants and property owners. 

South Florida Condos

Online Portal

Our comprehensive online portal makes getting in touch easy. With both tenant and owner access, our portal services include online rent payment, 24/7 emergency maintenance response, and accounting services such as ePayment statements and year-end tax filing.

Leasing Agreements 

Many new landlords and investors struggle to cover all the bases within their leasing contract. Which is why Keyrenter South Florida looks to build solid leasing agreements.

When we build our leasing agreements, we clearly lay out tenant expectations and make sure everything is in accordance with all State and Federal laws.


Inspections are the best way to ensure your property remains in good condition. In addition to move-in and move-out inspections, we also offer regular property inspections. At Keyrenter South Florida, we let you choose the frequency of inspections.

Consistent inspections secure the state of your home and help identify if a tenant is eligible to receive their deposit back at the end of the lease.

Consistent Inspection Benefits 

Our consistent inspections reveal issues long before they arise. By preventing problems and acting quickly to resolve them, our inspections can save you time and money. 

To ensure the quality of your property, our technicians keep accurate and detailed notes from every inspection. This lets us track your property’s state and reveals tenant-related issues (if any) upon vacancy.

Our inspections also keep you informed on whether the occupant is holding to their lease agreement. If the tenant is breaking the lease, we immediately take steps to ensure your investment.

Evictions Management

Our highly vetted 14-step screening process is designed to filter out problem renters before they ever get to you. Even though we always aim to place trustworthy tenants, sometimes tenants need to be evicted. 

Should the need arise, our knowledgeable team with valuable legal experience regarding evictions will help you through the entire process. 


At Keyrenter South Florida, we have the time and resources to work with renters before things get to the point of eviction. Our first step is always to work towards resolving disagreements. This ensures you keep your existing renters while also keeping the property profitable.

If an eviction is unavoidable, we are on your side. We understand the legal processes and nuances of a proper, legal, eviction. Including: filing the appropriate paperwork, representing your interests in court, and ensuring both you and your property are protected.