Are you looking to invest in South Florida real estate?

South Florida has never been more popular than it is today, with its amazing weather and relaxing natural ambiance from the long stretch of beaches, scenic hiking trails, charming downtown district, and overall excellent quality of life.

There are many factors that make South Florida such an attractive area for property investors since many people are looking to stay for the holidays or live permanently, in this part of the state. A number of different property types can be found here that are sure to match your target renter’s needs.

With the plethora of activities and desirable environment offered by South Florida, finding potential tenants for your rental home will be a breeze. You just need to search for the best properties within your budget.

In this article, we here at Keyrenter South Florida will review the best areas in South Florida that you could consider for your next property investment. With this information, you will be able to get an idea of the more promising areas for real estate investors in South Florida.


Best South Florida Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a great area for all types of renters. You can target young professionals who are based here and employed by large firms. Or those who enjoy the myriad of fantastic restaurants and trending craft breweries in town.

Another great demographic to aim for is families raising school-aged kids. With Fort Lauderdale’s superior public and private schools, parents can find accessible and excellent educational facilities in South Florida.

You can also consider renting to tourists and retirees given the convenient amenities and multitude of activities that are available in Fort Lauderdale. One can check out art galleries, eat in popular dining spots, and shop in upscale boutiques. Also, getting to the beach only takes 10 minutes and you can engage in laidback or fun water activities.

SF Neighborhood

Coral Springs

Coral Springs is a more tranquil area of Fort Lauderdale but the soothing environment works well for families and retirees. Fort Lauderdale’s community spirit is strong with plenty of interesting events planned for the entire year. One can participate in fun runs, and festivals and enjoy exhibits.

There are many outdoor activities given that it takes only half an hour to head to the beach. Florida Everglades is also located just west of Coral Springs making it an ideal base for immersing yourself in nature.

Exploring the downtown area, one can find numerous cafes, hip bars, and wonderful restaurants. The city also made it conducive for pedestrians and bikers to get around Coral Springs. These excellent qualities invite more people to rent in the area which is good news for property investors.


Real estate investors are drawn to Parkland for its proximity to Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale. Known as the fastest growing city in entire Florida, the area attracts families for its peaceful environment, low crime rate, and top-rated school system.

The tranquil vibes of Parkland, its quick access to Florida’s amazing beaches, and major cities with convenient amenities appeal to many different people. So, it rightfully belongs on the list of best livable areas in South Florida.


Another interesting suburb under Fort Lauderdale that real estate investors are looking at is Davie. One can choose families and retirees as long-term renters and tourists as short-term renters. Davie is packed with amazing features from an excellent educational system and attractive golf courses to well-maintained public parks.

Its location is near to Everglades, Flamingo Gardens, and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where holiday renters can simply head to and enjoy a variety of entertainment and dining choices.

Another factor that spikes the rental demand in Davie is its short drive to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. You can reach these large cities in half an hour or less. This allows quick access to the beaches including the popular Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. In addition to the amenities provided by Davie, its tranquil environment is improved with its scenic natural environment.

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West Palm Beach

Even though West Palm Beach is based further into South Florida, it still has all the top amenities that real estate investors desire. In terms of convenient facilities, West Palm Beach offers fantastic dining, entertainment, and nightlife. You can find hip bars, famous restaurants, and a shopping haven here.

The downtown area is also a quick hop from Palm Beach, making beach time an uncomplicated affair. West Palm Beach is situated close to Miami and Orlando and provides its residents with an international airport so traveling is hassle-free.

Boca Raton

Another area of distinctive real estate in Boca Raton. Known for its clean spaces and tranquil vibes, Boca Raton attracts a lot of potential tenant demographics from retirees, and tourists to families, and young professionals.

What makes Boca Raton an ideal home base are its natural amenities. It has many parks, and golf courses and the beaches can be reached in mere minutes as well. In terms of job opportunities, it also shows high growth with top companies such as IBM and Office Depot headquartered here.

Families with school-aged kids can also rely on the excellent educational system proffered by Boca Raton. Florida Atlantic University is also found close to Boca Raton, this ensures that great schools are within easy reach.

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In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in South Florida

The South Florida area has been on the radar of real estate investors thanks to its weather, scenic nature, convenient amenities, and solid economy. But if you are looking to make the most of your purchase in South Florida real estate, you may want to consider Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Parkland, Davie, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

Do not hesitate to contact Keyrenter South Florida today if you have questions about investment opportunities in South Florida!