Tenant turnover is one of the greatest expenses that a landlord experiences. When tenants move out of your property, you have to advertise the property, screen tenant applications, host showings, and much more. In addition, you won’t be making money from an unoccupied unit. Following tenant retention strategies can go a long way toward minimizing your expenses and maximizing your profits. In addition, you want to keep good tenants in your property, because this will eliminate the chance of having a bad tenant in your property. Here are a few of the best ways to retain great tenants. 

Increase Tenant Satisfaction, Increase Tenant Retention

The happier your tenants are with your services, the more likely they will be to remain in your property. It is important to do everything possible to increase their satisfaction. Offer popular amenities and maintain the best possible maintenance for the property. Ensure that repairs are made quickly, while resulting in minimal disruption to your tenants. Consider offering perks for lease-renewal to increase the chances of retaining your tenants. 

Make a Thorough Plan

It is important to develop a comprehensive plan for tenant retention. There are many aspects that should be included in this plan, including rent-structure, tenant amenities, and many other things. This should also include the necessary processes for obtaining tenants, like tenant screening. Tenant screening is vital to ensure the best possible tenants for your rental. 

Surveys and Interviews

Regularly circulating tenant satisfaction surveys can help you catch potential issues in the early phases, before they escalate too much. In addition, it is important to ensure that you hold exit interviews whenever a tenant does leave. Both of these things will help you to increase the satisfaction of your tenants. 

Prioritize Communication

Your tenants will feel valued when you respond to their requests and concerns quickly and effectively. By prioritizing communication, you will ensure that the issues of your tenants are resolved quickly, which will maximize your tenant retention. Maximizing your tenant retention will help to lower your overall expenses and increase your profit margins. To learn more about the best strategies for retaining great tenants, contact us at Keyrenter in South Florida today!