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Are You Interested in Buying an Investment Property in the South Florida Region?

Partnering with Keyrenter South Florida is the best starting point if you are considering investing in property in South Florida. We work in all the major cities all across the region and use our considerable skills and experience to make sure your investment remains profitable for a long time.

Our company thrives in the management of all types of properties from single-family homes to condos, to apartments, among others.

Why Invest in South Florida?

Tropical weather and South Florida are synonymous with one another. The beautiful beaches, sunny weather, cuisine and lifestyle, draw a variety of different people to the area. Meaning Florida remains a popular destination not only for tourists, but for permanent living.

More people are moving to South Florida every year, which opens up more opportunities for investment. So, someone will always be interested in renting your property under the hot Florida sun.

South Florida Real Estate

How We Can Help You

We can completely manage your investment properties in order to personally make sure they are profitable and running smoothly. Our local expertise adds a personal touch to property management. We know our home state well and specialize in finding the right tenants for all your properties.

We know which properties will attract renters, which areas people are looking to rent in and because of this, which properties will have a high return on investment. When you work with us, you are working with a team that values the success of your investment.

Get in touch today (561-331-6000) to talk more about the exciting opportunity of investing in South Florida!

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Ready When You Are

When you take us on as part of your team, we are ready as soon as you are. That means we are there for you every step of the way. When you’re ready to choose a property, we’re ready to get to work!

We’ll make sure your tenants are settled in your property, setting up online rent payments and making sure tenants are satisfied with your property. When your investments are thriving, then we are happy.

Due Diligence

Keyrenter South Florida is ready to offer our resources to help you work through your finances and settle on your investment decision. Our company understands Florida’s property taxes, property appreciation, expected rent, vacancy rates, the cost of tenant turnover, the required maintenance to keep the properties in top shape and the expenses for the property.

Collaborating With You

When you partner with us, we make sure to collaborate with your existing partners, including your real estate agents. We can assist with appropriate rent estimates, the usual rent based on the chosen area and where to get the best rent for your investment. We can help you with all the important steps that bring a rental to the right condition and estimate the price to do so.

Making Sure Your Property is Ready to Rent

By sharing the RE10 with us, we can attend to any necessary renovations or repairs before putting the property on the market.

Also, if the property you choose to invest in needs some upgrades, we will work with you to complete any renovations between tenant turnovers in order to minimize the time your rental sits empty and maximize your potential rent.

Managing Your Property

Keyrenter South Florida is proud to provide our owners and tenants with the highest quality experience. Our marketing techniques focus on reaching a large prospect market and minimizing vacancies. Our tenant screening finds quality tenants who expect to stay in your rentals for long periods of time.

Even after a tenant moves in, we continue to perform drive-by surveys, annual preventative maintenance and routinely detail the interior of your investment. This protects the equity of your property so you can continue renting it out with short vacancy periods.

Evictions are a last resort, but when they are necessary, we have the experience to do so quickly while making sure they don’t incur much additional cost. See our management page for more detailed information on the management services we provide.

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