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At Keyrenter South Florida, we make sure that all of your property’s needs are catered to, so you can enjoy the fruits of your investment. We have a team of professionals on stand-by to ensure your property functions optimally and provide you with the peace of mind you desire.

Our approach to property management focuses on providing convenience without risk to landlords, property owners, and investors. We achieve this by implementing innovative systems that enhance the efficiency of our services.

At Keyrenter South Florida, we understand what it takes to successfully manage your Lake Worth property and we assure you that it will be in safe hands.

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Our Range of Property Management Services

At Keyrenter South Florida, we provide a number of property management services meant to relieve the burden of managing a property on your own.

So, here is a bit more information and please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more!

Marketing Your Property

To help you find the best tenants on the market, we use various marketing strategies that capture the attention of your target audience. We understand that your occupancy rate is vital in maintaining a positive cash flow and our marketing services enable us to do this.

Our fundamental approach to property marketing is to present your property in a positive light and in turn, we receive positive feedback from prospective tenants. Once we have suitable candidates for tenancy, we proceed with the screening process.

Effective Tenant Screening

At Keyrenter South Florida, we have an extensive 14-step tenant screening process that helps us identify the best prospects for your property. Our goal is to find tenants that will pay their rent on time and take care of your property.

This process involves collecting a variety of information such as the person’s credit history, employment history as well as income verification, along with several background checks. This comprehensive screening process ensures the tenants we place are responsible.

H3: Drafting Lease Agreements

Lease agreements that are vague or open to interpretation tend to create misunderstandings between a landlord and tenant. This is why we have specialized in creating concise agreements that clearly outline our expectations to the tenants.

When a tenant is ready to move in, we collect a security deposit then conduct an inspection to ensure everything is in order. After which we highlight any potential issues that may arise in relation to the property and explain the need for its care.

Regular Property Inspections

At Keyrenter South Florida, we take a preventive approach to property maintenance. To avoid expensive repairs down the road, we conduct regular inspections that help us identify any potential areas of concern.

Property inspections also help us to find out if the tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease agreement. If not, we’ll take the necessary action to remedy the situation and protect your investment.

Move-in and move-out checks also help us to spot any damage or missing items that we may need to deduct from the security deposit.

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Effective Maintenance Services

At KeyRenter South Florida, we have a team of experts ready to operate whenever an emergency arises. We believe in taking the necessary steps to not only provide timely repairs but also ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

Tenants are able to conveniently log in their maintenance requests through an online portal and after diagnosing the issue, we dispatch a professional team to the property without delay.

Handling Tenant Evictions

At Keyrenter South Florida, our extensive screening process helps us to eliminate the possibility of having problematic tenants. However, in certain situations, we acknowledge that tenant evictions become necessary.

Our professional team understands the need for dialogue and finding an amicable solution with our tenants. But in the event that we carry out an eviction, we will ensure that the process is done seamlessly and in accordance with the law.

After evicting a tenant, we restore the property to its former condition and find the right tenant for placement.

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About Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida. Located to the south of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth was named after Lake Worth Lagoon, which is along its eastern border.

The lagoon was named after General William J. Worth who led the United States Army in the latter part of the Second Seminole War.

This city is a real gem for the scenery and lifestyle it provides. Many of the residents and tourists take part in water and beach sports among other recreational activities. Some of its attractions include the John Prince Memorial Park and the Lake Worth Beach Golf Club.

Lake Worth also provides several amusement parks and colorful festivals that add to its reputation for fun. The city is a vibrant and exciting place that always leaves its visitors craving for more.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Keyrenter South Florida is proud to provide the best property management service the following areas: Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Gardens Pompano, Beach Royal, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach